Born, and raised in Miami, with a strong background in Visual, and Fine arts, he was inspired by the Miami Underground Electronic Music Scene, and became a DJ, and producer in 1993. In the 90's he also participated in live radio broadcasts for both American, and Latin American radio stations. During his broad performance in live music for clubs, Mayombe was working in various venues from Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale, and hisinvolvement with music expanded.

    In 2000, he moved to Cancun, Mexico, and engaged again in the Underground Electronic Music Scene until 2004, primarily in Psychadelic Trance, GOA, and Techno music genres.

    Later in 2013 DJ Mayombe decided to build his own boutique style electronic music recording studio. After a few years of building the studio, and learning music production, Drum Freq Recordings is officially open for business.


    He recently moved to Hungary in 2018, where the recording studio is up, and running with a few future releases in the works. Up to this date, his path as a producer, and DJ continues to grow...